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    Yes, I’m beautiful. Who cares?

    Which of these things have you said in the last week? You look beautiful!I love that shirt/outfit/accessory!Love the new hair!I admire your confidence!You are so joyful!I love how you embrace change! And who did you say them to? If you’re anything like me, your compliments tend towards the first half of that list, and they go to women. I was at an event recently where three talented women shared how they are helping women in tech in Omaha. At one point, I noticed that I was thinking about how beautiful each woman is. I was noticing their outfits, the way they held their bodies on stage, their smiles.  Generally speaking,…

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    I love a homophobic person, and you do too

    You know that family member who drives you crazy? You disagree about everything, or at least the important things. You still talk to them, of course*—they’re family—but if they weren’t family, you wouldn’t be their friend. Sound familiar? I have a homophobic cousin. Or at least, this is how I interpret his beliefs. One Christmas, I argued with him about his belief that homosexuals go to Hell. Was I naive enough to think I’d change his mind? Probably not. I just wanted to yell at him. You know what else? I love this guy. He’s my baby cousin. If he ever needs me, I’ll drop everything and fly my ass…

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