Tiny loving acts will solve our biggest social issues. This blog explores social issues like racism, distribution of wealth, women’s rights, obesity, animal treatment, consumerism, mass incarceration, mental health, media bias, and technology abuse.

It seeks to joyfully answer this question: What can I, as an individual, do?

Why did I create this blog?

My emotions around our country’s current social issues are so uncomfortable that I often completely avoid the news, politics, and deep learning. I get so pissed off, I shut down.

What if we can easily learn about these issues?

I feel very separate from people “on the other side” of these issues. I want to have genuine respect and compassion for people who disagree with me.

What if we can work together to solve our social issues?

I want to contribute more to my community without feeling overwhelmed, and without giving up my work, family life, hobbies, etc.

What if we can make an impact with acts that require no time or money?

I’m Mandy Kubicek,


coach, writer, and former software professional in Omaha, Nebraska. As a Life and Business Coach, I help people build careers they love.

Follow me on Instagram or shoot me an email at mandy@coachkubicek.com.

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